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Largest I/DD Provider Information Network in Massachusetts

Provider's Virtual Value Network

Best Practices, Strategic Vision, Resources, Benchmarks, Collaboration

I/DD EHR Provider Consortium


Our I/DD EHR was built and is being enhanced in a consortium model where members participate in the vision and future of the development process. This gives us, the developers, great in-sight into users needs and gives users direct line to the developers. This process has allowed us to build a rich assortment of features covering every aspect of service delivery and operations.

The system is very robust and rich with information. Getting the most out of it takes knowledge, skill and planning. This is where our Value Network comes in to assist all members in the form of start-up planning and execution, best practices implementation techniques, on going operational support, training assistance and consultative support.

Consortium Key Facts for 2018:

  • Made up of over 30 Massachusetts agencies

  • Covering nearly 13,000 lives

  • Combined member revenue is over $500 million


Additionally consortium members participate, anonymously, in quality performance measurements of standardized key quality measures. Our network covers a large I/DD populations and presents great opportunity for outcomes study and quality improvement initiatives. We want to close the gap between traditional healthcare and healthcare received by the I/DD population.


Our network provides a mechanism for establishing agreed upon matrix which can be actionable and have a real-time impact on persons health. We are not interested in merrily reporting ER statistics, we want to understand them fully in order to reduce them.

Consortium Goals:


  • Acts as a “Virtual Value Network”·

  • Employ an I/DD Best Practice model and provide Strategic Vision and direction

  • Ensure that All Members Are Successful in system adoption

  • Continuously improve software through feedback and collaboration

  • Serve as a resource for Mass Health Reform roll-out and implementation

  • Provide the largest source of actionable quality measure data and other key performance indicator data, benchmarked across member agencies

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