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Specializing in information technology for I/DD Service Providers

About Us:


iCentrixEHR is a division of iCentrix Corp (, originally formed in Cambridge, MA in 1999, now operating out of Salem, NH. Our expertise is in building mission critical systems such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) and sophisticated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and dashboard solutions for providers of Human Services.

We have been working with service providers of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities for the past 15 years helping agencies with various information technology challenges that they face. Our work includes creation of information processing and storage systems for medical records, data warehouses for outcomes reporting and  analysis and accurate electronic recording of good actionable information.

Our background, expertise and solution set, uniquely positions us as the thought leader in the I/DD EHR System market. We have formed close working relationships with some of the most forward thinking and savvy CEO's in Massachusetts. With their guidance and input form their distinguished operational teams we have been able to build and assemble a very comprehensive set of functions and features required by every aspect of service delivery and agency operations. iCentrix I/DD EHR has become the central hub of information for everything client related including ancillary and supportive information. 

Our Vision:

Our goal is to create the best state-of-the-art specialized systems for providers who are looking to take advantage of the digital transformation and electronic information. Many forces are pressuring providers to accurately record just about every aspect of their service delivery and not only that, but to also demonstrate value to the overall cost of healthcare.

We want to fully embrace the opportunity of these initiatives and to deliver measurable change to the industry. We want to collect data where it couldn't be collected before, we want to measure and report on results while it matters not after the fact, we want to help people stay healthy before they become an ER statistic and we want to improve people's live by simply making sure that everything about them is clearly and timely communicated to those who need to know.                                                                                               


Our Approach:

We take a consultative approach to our work, we ask a lot of questions and we answer lots of questions in return. We want to and need to really understand how the system will be used with-in the agency and how well everyone understands the implementation and roll-out process. 


We are a very dedicated team, committed to our clients success and to our overall mission. We work with each client individually to ensure that the system truly fits their operations and that they can take complete advantage of what the system has to offer.

Our implementation team is made up of senior technology and operations leaders who take personal pride in the success of each implementation. Our decision makers work on the front lines directly with the clients and have first hand knowledge of operation and user experiences. This creates a very short and efficient feedback loop which allows for creation of specialized features and produces information needed to make fine-tune adjustments necessary success.

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