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Comprehensive EHR for I/DD

Service Providers

Redefining Success for Value Based Service Delivery Systems

Technology can no longer be considered a cost to providers, but a necessary investment for the long term viability and sustainability of human service organizations

Managed Care necessitates a shift from mission driven care to performance driven operations. This is a difficult transition which requires accurate, timely and actionable information for success. 

The need for this information has never been greater, yet most I/DD EHR systems fail to provide the depth and specialty of information and work-flow required by providers.

iCentrix I/DD EHR addresses these concerns and provides a specialized  comprehensive electronic information management system perfectly suited for services providers. This system is a result of collaborations between numerous agencies who lead the way with their various areas of expertise to create a "Virtual Value Network" of providers who share the same mission and work together to achieve it. Learn more about the value and benefits of our innovative approach:


Benefits of iCentrix I/DD EHR:

  • Developed specifically for I/DD providers

  • Comprehensive support for all I/DD services (Day, Residential, AFC, Employment, Support, etc...)

  • Largest I/DD Provider Information Network in Massachusetts

  • Integrated with HCSIS, Community Partners and ACO's

  • Population Management, Certification and CARF Preparation

  • Quality Measures and Managed Care Reporting

  • Cloud Hosted for maximum performance, protection and reliability



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Complete Implementation Support:

Whether you're looking to switch systems or for your first, our team of implementation and operational experts will take care of you every step of the way. From getting you set-up and running to achieving your long term operational goals, we will be there to help you succeed.

iCentrix technology and expertise take away the worry allowing you to focus on your mission. 

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